Michael Cieslak

Michael Cieslak is a lifetime reader and writer of horror, mystery, and speculative fiction. A native of Detroit, he lives in a house covered in Halloween decorations in October and dragons the rest of the year. He is a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers and is the editor of the Erie Tales anthologies. His works have appeared in a number of collections including DOA: Extreme Horror, Dead Science, Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes, the GLAHW anthologies,  Alter Egos Vol 1, Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers (a supplement for the Pugmire RPG), and the collaborative steampunk novel Army of Brass. Urbane Decay, a collection of Michael’s short fiction, was released in 2018 by Source Point Press. A new edition is now available from Dragon’s Roost Press along with his second collection Seeing Through Skull Shaped Eyes. He reviews horror movies for the Dead On Movie Reviews podcast.

Michael is the Editor in Chief of Dragon’s Roost Press (

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Anton Cancre

Anton Cancre is an idiot and an asshole who desperately wants to find something positive in the world to hold onto. Generally speaking they fail. Luckily, they look pretty cute while screaming and ranting a desire to burn everything to the ground while hugging all of you. Their luddite website is at Pronouns: Any/All/Just Not Late For Dinner.

Peggy Christie

Peggy Christie is an author of horror and dark fiction. Her horror fiction/art collaboration with Don England, Plague of Man: SS of the Dead, can be found through Amazon; multiple short story collections, as well as her novel, Primordial, from Dragons Roost Press; and her vampire novel, The Vessel, from Splatter Theater Press. Peggy is one of the founding members of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, as well as a contributing writer for the websites of Cinema Head Cheese and Malevolent Dark. Check out her webpage at for more information on her other publications and appearances.

Peggy loves Korean dramas, dogs, survival horror video games, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order) and lives in Michigan with her husband and their dog, Willow.

Ron Ford

Ron Ford grew up in the Seattle area in the 1960s, a proud member of the “monster kid” generation. He and his brother Tom would plan their weeks around the horror movies they circled each week in TV Guide. Those halcyon days left him scarred for life, and there was no turning back. In 1994, after moving to LA, he sold his first screenplay, which became the horror hit, The Fear. He became a filmmaker in 1997 with his directorial debut, Alien Force, starring Burt Ward of Batman fame. He became a gun for hire for film distributors, who could be relied upon to deliver salable movies on budget and on schedule. He produced, wrote and directed more than a dozen genre titles, including Hollywood Mortuary,Tiki, Mark of Dracula and Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood. As an actor, he can be seen in the movies Home of the Brave, Killer Tomatoes Eat France, and many others, as well as on the TV shows Z Nation, The Young Riders, Two Busy Debrasand Hey, Dude. In 2003 he moved to Spokane, WA where he continues to live and work. Hollywood Mortuary is his first published novel, and the fulfillment of a life-long goal.

Mary Lynne Gibbs

Mary Lynne Gibbs (Mary, please) knew she wanted to be an author almost her entire life, ever since she had a poem published in the Detroit Children’s Museum newsletter in 5th grade. She’s the author of four novels: The Maiden’s Courage, Jericho Rising, Jericho’s Redemption, and The Dragon’s Curse. When she’s not writing, she’s taking care of her menagerie of animals, drinking hot chai, singing showtunes, and crafting. Mary’s a member of SCBWI & GLAHW.

KC Grifant

KC Grifant is an award-winning writer based in Southern California who creates internationally published horror, fantasy, science fiction, and weird west stories. Many of her short stories have appeared in podcasts, magazines, games, and Stoker-nominated anthologies. Her weird western novel, Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger (Brigids Gate Press, 2023), described as a blend of Bonnie & Clyde meet The Witcher and Supernatural, ranked #1 in Amazon New Releases for Western Horrors. Melinda West and the Gremlin Queen, will release in 2025. She is also the author of the short story collection Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny (Dragon’s Roost Press, 2024). In addition to writing, she is the co-chair and founder of the Horror Writers Association San Diego chapter, a short story instructor, and member of numerous writing organizations, including the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. Learn more at or connect on the social networks at @KCGrifant.

Douglas Gwilym

Bram Stoker Award-nominated short story author and editor Douglas Gwilym (editor) has also been known to compose a weird fiction rock opera or two. His short story “Poppy’s Poppy” was a finalist for a Stoker and is being taught as part of the University of Pittsburgh curriculum. His story “Year Six” was recommended by “the venerable queen of horror anthologies” Ellen Datlow for The Best Horror of the Year volume 14. He wants to read to you. See him perform 35 hours of classic Victorian and Edwardian Weird on YouTube, and read his own work on Galactic Terrors and elsewhere. It was his very great pleasure to teach at Alpha Young Writers (a professional writing workshop for teens) with N.K. Jemison and Mary Robinette Kowal, and to introduce his beloved home city as moderator of the opening panel of StokerCon 2023, You Can’t Get There From Here: Tales of Weird Pittsburgh. He’s edited four of the Triangulation anthologies: Beneath the Surface, Appetites, Harmony & Dissonance, and Dark Skies, and is co-editor of The Midnight Zone, including issue 1, Novus Monstrum, which you hold in your hand. He lives with the visual artist Debra Tomson Williams and their daughter, The Creature, in an undisclosed location in the inner-city woods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Read his work in LampLight, Lucent Dreaming, Dark Horses, Penumbric Speculative, and Tales from the Moonlit Path, or listen at Bloody Disgusting’s CREEPY podcast or Tales to Terrify.

Jen Haeger

Jen Haeger is an ex-veterinarian with a master’s degree in forensic science and a master beekeeping certification. She currently has eight published novels (Moonlight Medicine Onset, Moonlight Medicine Epidemic, Moonlight Medicine Inoculation, Whispers of a Killer, Whispers of Terror, Whispers of Conspiracy, The Christmas Plague, Miles from Manistique) with at least three more on the way, and her short stories have garnered her four honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest. When not writing, she spends most of her time in her apiary attempting to cajole a few pounds of honey from hundreds of thousands of stinging insects. Originally from “Downriver,” she now resides in Ypsilanti, MI with her husband and two orange tabbies known collectively as the Goofles in a house known as Odin the All-Gnoming.

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Sarah Hans

Sarah Hans is an award-winning writer, editor, artist, and teacher whose stories have appeared in more than 40 publications, including Apex Magazine and Pseudopod. Her most recent project is the cat-filled horror novella Asylum; she previously published the bug-filled horror novel Entomophobia, the demonic dark fantasy novella An Ideal Vessel, and her first short fiction collection, Dead Girls Don’t Love. She lives in Ohio with her partner, an amazing kid, more pets than she can afford, and enough craft supplies to keep her busy for the next 200 years.

David Hayes

David C. Hayes is an award-winning author and screenwriter with novels and collections (like Cannibal Fat Camp), graphic novels (like The Rot), and film-centric non-fiction (like Moonlight Marquee: The Werewolf Film Encyclopedia). His films, like Rottentail and Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone, can be see worldwide. By day he is a college professor and forensic psychologist specializing in cold case homicides and the effects of true crime media. You can visit him online at or

Ken MacGregor

Ken MacGregor has written three story collections, an award-winning young adult novella (Devil’s Bane), and has co-authored a novel (Headcase). He is a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers and an active member of the Horror Writers Association. He’s also written TV and radio commercials, sketch comedy, a music video, a one-act play, a scattering of poems, and a zombie movie. Ken has curated three original anthologies, one of which (Stitched Lips) was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award. His third anthology, Novus Monstrum, was co-edited with Douglas Gwilym. It is the first installment in the Midnight Zone series for Dragon’s Roost Press.

Ken is also a part-time literary assassin: he will write you into an original short story and kill you for money. Ken drives the bookmobile and lives with his kids, a fierce-but-cuddly tiger cat, and literally hundreds of books.

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Roxie Voorhees

Roxie Voorhees (she/he/they) is an incredible creature with an insatiable love for books in bed. They are the co-editor of Mine and Reader Beware, and EIC of Book Slayer Press.