ALL the News!

There is so much going on here at Dragon’s Roost Press.


Let’s start with this weekend! We will be at Wicked Bizarre in Livonia. Click on the link for all of the information.

This is just the next in a slew of appearances happening as we approach Halloween. For a listing of all of them, check out the Dragons in the Wild page.

One special event that we would like to highlight is Terror at the Mariner.

Black Guard Reserve and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers are excited to bring Terror at The Mariner. We are bringing together authors and readers who share a love for the horrific. A boutique vendor and book signing event will be held at The Mariner, 430 S. Water Street, Marine City, Saturday, October 28th from 11am-5pm. Meet and acquire signed books from several horror writers while visiting a few extraordinary vendors. Then celebrate with us at 7pm for the showing of the Exorcists and its 50th Anniversary. Entrance to the book signing is free. Tickets for the movie are $14.00.

The vendor event is sponsored by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. A special, 50th anniversary showing of The Exorcist is sponsored by Dragon’s Roost Press. Click the link above for ticket information.

Publishing Updates:

Twisted Yarns of Various Lengths is almost ready for publication. We are just waiting on the completed cover art and then it will be ready to go out in to your waiting hands.

Novus Monstrum has been formatted and we are waiting for the proof copies. Once we have them in hand we can go through final edits.

The Pleasure in Pain is in the editing process and is on schedule for release next year.

Kickstarter Update:

The Novus Monstrum Kickstarter funded and the survey is finished. We will be sending out a few test surveys soon. Once we are sure that they are working properly, we will send surveys out to all backers.

We hope that you are enjoying the lead in to Spooky Season — Halloween is just around the corner!

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