Anthology Updates

We would like to extend congratulations to the following authors whose works have been accepted for our upcoming anthology:

S.L. Harris “The Old Gods’ Banker”

Alexandr Bond “One Night in Arkham”

Clancy Nacht “Light & Power”

Karen Ovér “The Green Act”

Elizabeth McEntee “Damp Envelopes”

Daniel Powell “His Time is Night”

Willard Branned “What Our Fathers Wrought”

Patrick Rutiliano “Tailor-made”

David Gonzalez “No Questions Asked”

As you can see, the anthology is filling up fast. If you are planning on submitting do not wait! There is a distinct possibility that we will be closing the submission window early due to the incredible number of amazing submissions we are receiving.

If you are planning on sending something in, please take a moment to look over the guidelines one more time before submitting to make sure that your piece will fit with what we are looking for and is formatted properly.

Authors Take Heart

We are currently about running about two days out on submissions — meaning that we have read and responded to everything up to those sent in a few days ago. If you have not heard from us it is likely that your short story is currently shortlisted as one which we want to return to for a re-read.

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