Backer Surveys Have Been Sent

Attention all Kickstarter backers! The surveys for The Pleasure in Pain have been sent. Please check your e-mails for information on how to receive your rewards. In the mean time, here are some more amazing reviews:

  • The Pleasure in Pain is unique and diverse anthology. There is definitely something for every reader in this collection, from poetic tales to brutally heartbreaking stories.

    I really enjoyed this read, there were a couple of the short stories that I really liked. “Graphite”, “I wander the earth longing to taste your beating heart” and “What they don’t tell you about the Mummy’s curse” (that was the most bizarre thing I’ve read in ages)

    I’d recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys an anthology that really gives you something different in each story. Different feel, different prose, and varying levels of poetry and absurdity.

  • This anthology is captivating and gritty. While the nature of anthologies is such that not every story will suit every reader, this anthology is carefully curated to stay on theme while also providing an array of story types. If you’re a reader craving scintillating and decadent storytelling that is queer without restraint or apology, that does not cater to the oppressive demand for clean wholesomeness for queerness to be validated, then this is a collection that is bound to have something for you.
  • The Pleasure in Pain is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those who can appreciate a story that doesn’t hold back. The book is filled with short stories all written in an artistic way describing different types of sexual acts. Some are very descriptive and others merely implied. What I appreciated about the book is that if one story in particular didn’t interest me it was very short and I could move onto the next. Unfortunately, what that also means is if you found a story that you did like it didn’t last that long. I don’t normally like short stories but it worked well in this book.

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