LOLcraft is Almost Full

As noted in our previous post, we have just about reached our word limit for our next anthology. We are pleased to announce the acceptance of the following stories:

“Hashtag TPE” by Dawn Vogel

“Lovecraft It or List It” by Sarah Hans

“Ten Thousand Years in Space with Santa” by Jason P. Burnham

“The Lady with the Look” by Shaenon K. Garrity

“A Series of Noise Complaints, Filed by Yog-Sothoth, Outer God, Against His Neighbor” by Nick Johnson

“Family Values” by Phillip T. Stepehens

“King C” by Nathan Carson

“The Chateau over Innsmouth” by John Kiste

“Over the Side” by Sharon Diane King

“Consider the Shoggoth” by Nick Bowen

“Bell Bit Derailed” by B. Zelkovich

“Eldritch Abominations in Modern-Day America: A Documentary” by Lucas Franki

“Bokrug and the Boy” by Liam Hogan

“Tarts, Pie, Tea” by John Possidente



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