Publication Update Number One: The Pleasure in Pain

We are about to close up the BackerKit on the Kickstarter campaign, so if there are any changes that you need to make (or if you are on of the 7 people who still need to fill out your survey), now it the time to do it!

We know that you are dying to get hold of the book and the other rewards that you pledged for and we are looking forward to getting those out to you.

In the meantime, here are some more stellar reviews of The Pleasure in Pain to whet your appetite.

  • The pleasure in pain is an LGBTQ+ anthology.When I picked this up, I decided I wanted to go in blind. I learned very quickly that this wasn’t the run of the mill horror anthology, but erotica. Which is fine, I have nothing against the genre and I love supporting my fellow LGBTQ+ authors.

    It has a wide variety of stories, and stretches all across the spectrum which I personally appreciated. There is not only diversity in the queerness but writing styles. And while not every story suited my personal preference I still enjoyed them.

    I’ll be checking out all authors in the future.

  • As an avid reader of both horror and erotica, I was thrilled by the idea of the melding of the two genres. As all anthologies go, there were some stories that appealed to me much less than others. I don’t consider that to be a fault though, as I’m sure that there were other readers who were drawn to those ones and perhaps weren’t as fond of my favorites. This collection of stories and poems felt cohesive and I don’t really have any negative criticism of it.
  • This collection of short stories best represents the best authors of the LBGTQ community. Every story is unique and keeps the reader entertained throughout. I highly recommend this collection for people that are looking to dive into new authors in the community as this will open doors for readers to find new authors to read. Thoroughly enjoyed this one!!
  • “Let them watch on, voyeurists of brutal euphoria, and tell me there is no beauty in destruction.”I LOVED this book. Stories, worlds apart, interwoven by sanguine threads. I was caught in a rapid cycle of disgust, desire, and delight from start to finish.

    It features so many new-to-me authors as well as some familiar favorites.

    If you enjoyed Brute edited by Steve Berman, I bet you’ll love this book, too.

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