With Gratitude

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who supported the KS campaign for LOLcraft: A Compendium of Eldritch Horror including:

Jeanne Anderson 

K.G. Anderson

Robert Bee 

Laura Blackwell

Sage Burns

Andy Busch

Bert Cieslak

Jake Cole

Lauren Davis 

Michael DeLucia

The Devitos

Jason Epstein 

Philip Flores

Keegan Frank

Mark R. Froom

Michel Lee Garrett

Peter F. Guenther

Damon Griffin


Grace Higbie 

Conrad M. Hutcheson


Nicholas Jay

Susan Jessen

Walter Koegel

James Frederick Leach 

Tim Lonegan



Moe Lane

Mykl Nelson

Ruth Pinto 

eric priehs

Brian Rauchfuss

Rondy M. Reeves Jr.

Clifton Royston

Jon Saul

Alex Sgambati

Zachary Shiffman

Rebecca Stern

Matt Trepal

Nathan Waddell 

Christopher Wheeling 

Laura Wilkinson

and those who wished to remain anonymous.

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