Lions & Tigers & Weres Coming Soon

LTW cover


Lions & Tigers & Weres the new collection of fiction by Ken MacGregor will be released on Friday the 13th (we’re taking it back from the bad luck stuff). Ken turns his pen towards the animal kingdom is this new release from Dragon’s Roost Press.

Ken MacGregor has a fascination for animals that borders on obsession. Here, for the first time, are all of his animal stories.

Some you’ll recognize, of course. Some, however, only exist in these pages. The stories run the gamut from optimistic to horrific. From kid-friendly to pretty gruesome.

In addition to the obvious Lions & Tigers & Weres (that’s were-creatures—mostly wolves—mostly one wolf), there are reptiles, rodents, and raptors, along with a menagerie of others.

So, smooth out your fur, preen your feathers, shed your old skin, and enjoy!

Sound amazing? Well you can go and preorder the Kindle version here.

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