LOLcraft is Filling Fast

We are overwhelmed by the response to our current call for submissions. We have received a slew of excellent stories. Unfortunately, we can not accept all of them, but we are pleased to announce that the following pieces have been accepted:

“The World Ends at the World’s End” by Larry Hinkle

“Here There Be (Hardly Any) Monsters” by Nathan Waddell

“He Listens” by Justin Short

“Lovecraft vs. The Big-Mouth Musky of Lake Miskatonic” by Lena Ng

“The Happiest Place on Earth” by Fraser Sherman

“Bhegna Cthellha’s Guidelines on Pandemic Etiquette Whilst Dining Out” by Brandon Ketchum

“The King in Gray” by Alice Loweecey

“Report to the  CEG and Executive Board v1.0” by John Buja

“Arkham Board of Health Feedback on Miskatonic University’s 
Draft Plan for a Safe Campus Reopening” by Ron Fein

“Blood Moon Bargains” by Kyer Kneifel

“Not On My Watch” by Henry Herz

“My Aunts and the Cornwall Horror” by K.G. Anderson

“The Reading” by James Dorr

“A Mundane Encounter With a Civilized God” by Samuel Marzioli

“Dear Xutuix?!” by J.D. Harlock

“What Horror” by Rick Danforth

“How the Old Ones Saved Christmas” by Richard S. Crawford

Because many of these stories are on the shorter side, we still have room for more. We look forward to your take on a humorous mythos story.

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