LOLcraft Starting to Fill Up

We would like to congratulate the following authors whose work has been accepted to appear in the next Dragon’s Roost Press anthology LOLcraft: A Compendium of Eldritch Humor:

Larry Hinkle “The World Ends at the World’s End”

Nathan Waddell “Here There Be (Hardly Any) Monsters”

Justin Short “He Listens”

Lena Sin Yan Too “Lovecraft vs. The Big-Mouth Musky of Lake Miskatonic”

Fraser Sherman “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Brandon Ketchum “Bhegna Cthellha’s Guidelines on Pandemic Etiquette Whilst Dining Out”

Alice Loweecey “The King in Gray”

John Buja “Report to the  CEG and Executive Board v1.0”

Ron Fein “Arkham Board of Health Feedback on Miskatonic University’s 
Draft Plan for a Safe Campus Reopening”


As of this writing, submissions have been open for almost 2 weeks and we are approximately 25% full. Get those stories is soon!



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